Wordy Wednesday

Here it is! Instead of having the pressure to come up with something new to write on a regular basis (a habit of which I’m still striving to develop and maintain), I’m challenging myself to start a series (Wordy Wednesday) in order to kick-start my inspiration for a weekly post. The idea is to share a word I like and why, along with anything else I find creative and fun about it.

As I’m striving to cultivate and expand my own vocabulary, I figured it would be enjoyable to share my findings with others, along with giving myself a push to write.

This weeks word is effervescent.

Ef˙fer˙ves˙cent /efərˈvesənt/ adj. 1. (of a liquid) giving off bubbles; fizzy 2. vivacious and enthusiastic

It makes me think of a summer day, in the 1950’s, at a soda shop, sipping with a straw at the bar stools. It’s a congenial and lively word in itself; making my soul excite at the prospects of its meaning. How else would the life of a perfect soda be properly explained, or a personality like Jezel from “Enchanted” or Rapunzel from “Tangled” receive a correct description?


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