Wordy Wednesday

After recently graduating from high school, the pressure to choose a college major and even more so to choose the right one increases. The problem with this decision originates from the misunderstandings that true success is achieved by the efforts of humans. This philosophy is known as meliorism:

mel·io·rism /ˈmēlēəˌrizəm/ n. 1. the belief that the world can be made better by human effort

At the graduation ceremony of The Kings College in NYC, the Valedictorian, Mr. Noah Heinz, based his speech upon the challenge “to be better than great.” Greatness being something society has limited to a moment of victory or an act of heroism. Heinz challenged the audience that, more important than the expectations and pursuits of becoming CEO’s, we should also treat our employees with respect; more than effectively regulating the stock market, one must responsibly spend their money; more valuable than any position of authority, we must treat others with respect and dignity.

To be more than a character of a moment, but someone of momentous character.

Again, although humans may achieve their goals and strive for “good” causes, human actions are in vain to alter the essential nature of things. There is corruption and sin in the world, of which man is responsible. Furthermore, corruption cannot cure itself, but rather can only be cured from an outside source. Thus, in order to attain “goodness” in this world, it must be in line with God’s truth, daily cultivated through honest character, and pursued for the glory of God.


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