Wordy Wednesday


As we prepare to celebrate America’s anniversary of liberty, we recall the cost that has been paid. Not only stained by blood but also sustained by leaders. Leaders who wrestled, who persevered, and who resolved.

a·plomb /əˈpläm,əˈpləm/ n. 1. self-confidence or assurance, especially in a demanding situation

This is one of many qualities that has proved to be vital as a successful leader. A fundamental principle of leadership requires that of being intentional, as leadership is not passive-it can’t be. A leader must be resolved and confident in his or her choices.

Henry and Richard Blackaby address the importance of making decisions in their book Spiritual Leadership with the persuasion that, “People who are unwilling or unable to make decisions are incapable of leadership… People rely upon leaders to make wise, timely decisions.” Although having aplomb aids in making decisions, leaders must be weary of the consequences of developing pride as it quickly develops from success. Not only that, but also weary of Blackaby’s advice that, “All decisions have ramifications, and leaders must have the fortitude to accept the consequences of their decisions.”

In order to avoid these pitfalls, a good leader must base his or her decisions having assurance in God. This means actively seeking wisdom from scripture, prayer, and godly counsel. For “In God We Trust.”


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