Wordy Wednesday

nostomania \nos-tuh-MEY-nee-uh, -MEYN-yuh\ n. 1. an irresistible compulsion to return home; intense homesickness.

This is now a feeling I’m most familiar with having now experienced my first semester at college. I think this results from my healthy home life too. Not everyone has this. No one’s perfect, therefore no family is perfect. But some dynamics are preferable to others, and this happens to be a part of my life that God has blessed in this regard.

They say home is where your heart is. And although I wouldn’t say and don’t think it should be, that I’m dependent on my family, in this regard, there is a lot of truth behind this truism. I say I shouldn’t be dependent on my family in the sense that I’m aware that they have the capacity to fail me, or even to fail themselves, thus I shouldn’t be completely dependent on them. However, I know their intentions, and receive their love. And as such, it is for this reason, and because God put them in my life, that my heart and love is with them.

Birdy’s song “Home” rings true,

“To belong is the feeling I want
Is it wrong to miss the time that we had?
Now it’s gone
Didn’t plan for this
Home is where my heart is”


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