Wordy Wednesday


succorance \SUHK-er-uh ns\ n. 1. The act of seeking out affectionate care and social support

Two Fridays ago on the 15th of May, I finished a gap year program called Impact 360. It’s a nine month program designed to equip Christ centered leaders by earning 18 credits and experiencing leadership training through Chick-fil-A.  I learned a lot from my time there. Not only do they have an excellent staff that intentionally invests in the lives of the students to help them succeed, they also teach and foster what true community looks like.

Real, flourishing community requires grace and vulnerability.  It also seeks shalom-the way things should be, by striving to love, agape, others best-“the sacrificial zeal that seeks the good of another” (Del Tackett).  This is not an easy lifestyle, but it’s Good for everyone, True to the way God intended things to be, and Beautiful when done right.

This summer I’m home. I’m no longer living in my small community of only 39 other classmates (yes, there were only 40 of us total). Not only have I learned a lot about what I believe and about myself during these past nine months, my family has also experienced change. New habits were established, characters transformed, relationships developed, and events experienced. As such, adapting back into this environment, which for me is a healthy, stable, and loving family, won’t be easy, for me or my family. But just like any opportunity, I have a choice: I can either become resistant and complacent or embrace the challenge and acclimate. God calls us to the later. I chose succorance for the word today because I think it describes what every human innately desires. I think a more concise meaning would be, “seeking genuine community.” It’s important to remember that this is not a sign of weakness, desiring to have support from others. In fact it takes a lot of courage to be known and grace to know others.

This summer, don’t settle for being apathetic to community, or succorance. But don’t stop short of only desiring it-seek it.


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