Wordy Wednesday

“Hey, how are you?”

“Good. How are you?”



co˙pa˙cet˙ic /ˌkōpəˈsetik/ adj. 1. fine; completely satisfactory; OK

My new favorite response to “How are you?” Although I regret, I have yet to actually respond as such, the point remains. Not to run off on a tangent, but the word immediately reminded me of Ingrid Michaelson’s song “Be OK.” She goes through the sequential desires…

I just want to be ok

I just want to feel today

I just want to know today

I appreciate Ingrid’s song because of her humanity and transparency. It’s okay to only be “okay.” Furthermore should we make it a point to “feel” and “know.” Contrary to New Age teaching that reality is an illusion that harms us and blinds us from the Truth, emotions and feelings are real. And they need to be felt. Although I have some opposing opinions about DIsney’s recent animated movie Inside Out, I do agree with their conclusion that emotions, even sadness, are meant to be felt. It’s good and true to our humanity to feel. That does not release us from the responsibility in how we handle our emotions. We should not let them direct us, but we should be direct about them.

However, when we are just “okay,” let us remember not to be complacent about it. Pastor Chris Decker once said, “It’s okay to only be okay, but it’s not okay to stay there.” For context, he was referring to the fight against the flesh in the spiritual realm. But his point still pertains to all areas of life.

So the next time someone inquires on your well-being, be honest. Admit to be copacetic if that is the truth, but don’t stay there. Strive to be more than “just fine” with your life, strive to be excellent.


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