“Ode to Prepositions,” a Poem

“Ode to Prepositions”

Here’s a position for you to muse,

And ponder anew the relationships of

The thoughts that we think and

Emotions transpiring from

Each human soul.

Semantics and syntax are tools, after all,

Born of man, yet evolve and dissolve,

Like the changing of sand.

And “of man,” not “to man,”

But “from man” the same.

Thus, prepositions are vital

to man’s understanding.

They are positions that precede

Linguistic forms, so mean

To describe the nouns relation about the object, or of its being.

Like a compass to a sailor

That must calibrate truth,

So prepositions have the power

To lead a man astray or imbue

What seem menial fallacies but at other times truth.




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